Online Polling Tool (OPT)

OARC’s free online polling tool (OPT) allows any UCLA faculty, staff, or student to create interactive polls that can be shared in courses, meetings, or conference sessions. 

Poll your audience to get instant feedback or assess comprehension in real time. Create more engaging presentations through interactive polling. Respondents can access your poll using any device with a web browser, and the interface is mobile-friendly for poll takers to access on their phone. OPT is equipped with a data dashboard to view results as they come in, and it is compatible with learning management systems, including BruinLearn. 

A cell phone set near a laptop and notebook, with the screen showing the OPT app

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At a Glance

  • Free!
  • Create opportunities for audience interaction
  • Save students from buying polling apps or physical clickers
  • OPT works on all devices that have a browser
  • Full course roster integration for all UCLA faculty and instructors
  • Six different types of questions
  • Tablet and mobile device friendly
  • Easy to use poll creation interface
  • Poll cloning for easy to use poll replication
  • All UCLA faculty and staff are automatically granted poll creating permissions
  • Create a poll today