High-Performance Computing Systems Group

A server room with rows of server racks

OARC’s High-Performance Computing Systems group is here to help you perform research on the Hoffman2 Cluster, UCLA’s shared high-performance computing (HPC) cluster. We are experts in the interaction between applications, software operating systems, and hardware in the cluster environment. We can consult with you on your computing needs, including optimizing code, running jobs, and working with large data sets on the cluster. We also operate the Hoffman2 Cluster storage infrastructure and research network.

Request a Consultation


  • We are available to answer your questions about how to use the Hoffman2 Cluster, from creating an account to running analysis. 
  • We will answer your question via our ticketing system if possible, or for more complex issues, can meet with you online or in-person to address your Hoffman2 Cluster-related research questions.
  • Please note that inquiries submitted via this website for our group will create a ticket in our system, through which we will respond to you.