OARC has deployed JupyterHub to support various classes across UCLA. JupyterHub hosts Jupyter Notebooks and other interactive programming tools that allow multiple users to interact with shared content. OARC’s JupyterHub instance is intended primarily for use in UCLA courses. Students can use JupyterHub without installing any software. Instructors can share programming assignments and see students’ work from within the interface. Jupyter Notebooks are a useful programming tool for teaching and documentation as they can display blocks of code interleaved with blocks of text, plots, or other graphical images. 

Please contact us to learn more about JupyterHub. We will review your request and work closely with you to determine whether it will meet your pedagogical needs based on your class size and intended use, as well as existing demands for the service.

The JupyterHub interface

At a Glance

  • Share web-hosted programming examples without asking students to install software or configure a programming environment.
  • Contents are interactive so you can execute code within the JupyterHub, from your browser.
  • Jupyter Notebooks (Python) and RStudio (R) are available within JupyterHub, among other interactive programming tools.  
  • We have built an API so that JupyterHub can be integrated into BruinLearn.
  • Anyone with a UCLA Logon ID can access OARC’s JupyterHub. 
  • Instructors wishing to use JupyterHub in their course should contact OARC to discuss their needs.