Statistical/Data Informatics

Statistical Data

Innovative and ground-breaking research is increasingly dependent on the collection, manipulation and analysis of data. IDRE’s Statistical Computing Group’s focus on statistical computing and data informatics acknowledges a campus-wide need to respond to the opportunities and challenges associated with research data. 

IDRE’s Statistical Consulting Group provides advice and resources to UCLA faculty, staff and graduate students to enable research that focuses on data analysis related to grants and publications as well as dissertational research. Expert advice and resources are available to develop and expand researcher’s statistical computing skills to encourage the use of common statistical packages independently in the analysis of research data. 

Stats Group Services

•    Walk-in consulting 

•    Email consulting

•    Workshops and classes

•    Stats books for loan

•    Statistical analysis fee-for-services

More information can be found on the Statistical Consulting Group's services website. For general assistance with statistical consulting topics, please send e-mail to