Computational Science

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The Computational Science Research Technology Group (RTG) provides consultation and collaboration for research and education projects that involve advanced numerical simulations, data science, machine learning, and interactive computing as well as for research computing on the Hoffman2 Cluster. With their extensive experience in numerical methods, parallel computing, software engineering, scientific code design and optimization, interactive computing (e.g., Jupyter), and computational methods used on high-performance computing platforms, the group aims to offer insights and guidance to faculty, staff, and students that enhances their computational research and enables new advances.

The group's recent activities fall into the following areas:

  • Interactive computing with Jupyter in teaching and research, including managing a JupyterHub for UCLA researchers and instructors¬†
  • Machine learning and predictive modeling: tools and practices
  • New approaches to HPC: advanced computational methods and software library tools
  • Cluster and cloud computing
  • Software engineering aspects of scientific computing
  • Data and scientific visualization

For research collaboration or questions related to scientific computing, please email For Hoffman2 cluster-related questions, please submit them via our shared Hoffman2 ticketing system.