Research Technology Groups

OARC is home to six research technology groups, each with a special focus of enabling UCLA's research community. Each RTG team consults with faculty and researchers on digitally enabled research and scholarship, and provides expertise on research computing tools and methods through partnering on grant projects and providing workshops, training courses, and research resources. All of the RTGs develop new services to support campus research needs as identified by the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE) faculty board.


Drawing on their deep technical knowledge and disciplinary expertise in statistics, data analysis and visualization, research computing, and mobile design, the OARC Research Technology Groups (RTGs) consult and collaborate with scholars from across UCLA. Collaborations range from partners on grant-funded projects and co-authors on articles to consultations with faculty and students. Their guidance enables research on UCLA’s Hoffman2 cluster, data management through the OARC-developed mobile platform, and more.