Jimmy is currently a system administrator for UCLA’s HPC cluster Hoffman2.  He’s been in this role for almost 10 years now and has played a major role in it’s phenomenal growth from the beginning. He has been tasked many times in spec’ing out multi-million-dollar HPC hardware, from procurement to finally deployment and integration.  His most recent project was to architect a low cost commodity GPU platform for machine learning/AI.  He was able to build a cost effective and robust off-the-shelve solution at a fraction of the cost of a vendor solution. Jimmy’s ability to assess technology needs and recommend solutions is one of his strongest attribute.  Additionally, he is the day-to-day operations manager for multiple datacenters. 

Some of his major accomplishments at UCLA are the following:

  • Key member for the UCLA Hoffman2 Super-Computing Cluster.
  • Architected and administration of departmental VMware Clusters.
  • Designed and built out the UCLA’s CNSI advanced presentation auditorium.
  • Redesign and built out the UCLA’s Visualization Portal.
  • Pioneer in “live” digital video streaming in the early 2000s. 

In his free time, Jimmy likes to hike, bike and fish.