Ph.D., Psychology, UCSD
M.A., Psychology, UCSD
B.A., Psychology and Sociology, minor in History, UCR


Having worked as a statistical consultant for more than 20 years, Christine is comfortable working with a wide range of data types and statistical models. She has assisted clients with all phases of the research process, including experimental design, item development, instrument development, data collection techniques, data de-identification, data cleaning, statistical analysis, testing model assumptions, graphing raw data and results, interpretation of results, written and oral presentation of the results, and responding to comments from reviewers of peer-reviewed journals.  She is comfortable working in SAS, Stata, SPSS, R, Mplus, MLwiN, HLM, SUDAAN, Wesvar, PASS, G*Power, Survey Monkey and LaTeX.

Christine's areas of particular expertise include the analysis of public-use complex survey data sets, meta-analysis, statistical disclosure control, and reading old data files into current statistical software programs. 

In addition to assisting statistical consulting clients, Christine has co-authored many articles published in peer-reviewed journals and given numerous presentations at various statistical meetings.  


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