Technology Sandbox

Sandbox with work stations that contain computer monitors



4328A Math Sciences Building


The Technology Sandbox is an interdisciplinary computing facility open to UCLA students, researchers, faculty, and staff researching new technologies for digital scholarship. The Sandbox supports a wide variety of digital projects which include computer modeling, GIS, web authoring, web programming, graphics, animation, image processing, compression, and archiving applications. The Sandbox is a  space to meet and collaborate with colleagues from around UCLA with shared research interests. 

Researchers, students, and faculty that have used the lab and related services come from across campus including Geography, Architecture and Urban Design, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Earth and Space Sciences, Theater Film and Television, Atmospheric Sciences, Music, Design | Media Arts, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, Spanish & Portuguese, Urban Planning, the UCLA Medical Center, Physics and Astronomy and The Anderson School of Management.

Lab users are encouraged to work together to solve common research problems and to share their knowledge, thereby fostering a collegial and progressive work environment.  Staff also provide consultation on project management, software analysis, project promotion and dissemination, and technical support.


Access to the Sandbox is gained through a simple and relatively short process. First, project proposals should be made to OARC staff or IDRE faculty advisors, depending on the nature of the endeavor. Once a project has been reviewed and accepted, you can apply for an account that will allow you access to the Sandbox and its workstations. 

The application asks for basic information only, such as your name, phone number, email address, department, access requirements, and a brief description of the project you are working on. Once you complete the online application, it will be processed and an account will be generated. All applicants granted access to the Sandbox and related facilities must complete  a brief orientation.

Please take a moment to review the following rules before requesting access to the Sandbox:

  • Access is granted to you as an individual, it does not include any group or organization of which you might be a member.

  • You will be responsible for any person you allow into the Sandbox that has not been formally granted access.

  • Access to the Sandbox is via a biometric hand scanner; all applicants granted access must have their hand scanned for authentication and for our records.

  • When using Sandbox workstations and file systems, there should be no expectation of privacy. As a campus resource, the Sandbox systems are maintained and monitored by IT staff, some of whom have full access to all of its data and network activities.

  • You are encouraged to notify us when you no longer need access to the Sandbox and its facilities so your account and access can be disabled.

  • All applicants granted access to the Sandbox and related facilities must take a quick orientation. 

  • You will require a UCLA Logon ID to get to the request/renewal site. If you do not have a UCLA Logon ID or need to recover your UCLA Logon ID, please visit UCLA Identity and Accounts Manager for assistance, or reach out to with further questions. 

To begin the application process, click on Request Access to the Technology Sandbox.  

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the rules that apply to you, please contact Lisa M. Snyder ( and Ron Zuniga (