Image of the IDRE Portal with a set-up of chairs and a large screen at the front of the room.

The IDRE Portal provides a state-of-the-art presentation and meeting facility for UCLA faculty researchers, to provide a meeting place for scheduled IT governance and policy groups, and to host OARC/IDRE-sponsored classes, seminars and presentations.

Beyond these three main purposes the Portal is made available for campus events on a scheduled basis that makes effective use of OARC/IDRE’s Events and Infrastructure Support resources. While OARC/IDRE strives to provide flexibility to the campus in using the Portal, all events are subject to facility and staff availability and must be approved and scheduled through the OARC/IDRE Events team. To contact, email at events@idre.ucla.edu.

Scheduling is subject to available OARC/IDRE resources, other events and Portal maintenance.