Workshop 3

Workshop 3 consisted of three roundtables held in February 2022. Using the results of the prior two workshops, Workshop 3 produced an actionable roadmap and recommendations for specific R&D strategies, government programs, and industry actions that can initiate and accelerate the adoption of AI.

Workshop 3 used the three goals from Workshop 2 as the basis for recommending an AI adoption roadmap. During each roundtable, the moderators reviewed one main goal and its subgoals with the participants and requested feedback to validate the completeness of the draft roadmap, steps to accomplish the goals and subgoals, and actions for implementation by government, industry, and academia. The resulting Roadmap provided a matrix of interrelated programs for accomplishing the three goals in efforts focused on addressing industry constraints, identifying new sources of revenue, and scaling success.

In validating the roadmap, four common themes emerged across all three goal discussions:

  • Improved digital capability at SMMs was viewed as an absolute prerequisite for industry-wide adoption of AI and achievement of its full benefits.
  • Structural business and technological limitations are inhibiting the implementation of AI systems and the execution of the roadmap.
  • Broad adoption of AI will require new industry business models that accommodate widespread aggregation of data across manufacturers and access to advanced software tools with appropriate scale and cost for manufacturers of all sizes (i.e., software-as-a-service).
  • Technologies required for robust, scaled, trustworthy AI in manufacturing are at a nascent stage and require continued R&D investment and coordination with existing research programs.

Workshop 3 presentation