Workshop 2 Final Report

Workshop 2 focused on identifying the most important research, development, and workforce education and training priorities for industry-wide adoption of AI. When the deliberations of all roundtables were assimilated, AI was seen as having the potential to penetrate every aspect of the manufacturing industry. Dramatic improvement in manufacturing competitiveness centered on development and adoption of both predictive AI for shifting the industry from reactive to predictive control and management, and scaled interoperability for end-to-end optimization of operations at the factory floor, factory, supply chain, and ecosystem levels. These discussions highlighted strategies and R&D opportunities to address the challenges of AI adoption in manufacturing. The result was identification of three overall goals that can support strategy development for achieving industry-wide adoption of AI:

  • Goal 1: Support small and medium-sized manufactures (SMMs) to digitalize their operations.
  • Goal 2: Incentivize large companies to work within their established supplier networks to implement AI methods.
  • Goal 3: Enable new business models.