MSA Data Center Access Request

If you are requesting access to the MSA Data Center for the first time or are renewing your access, please take a minute to review the rules that will apply to you if you are granted access. This information will also be on the request form and as part of the request process you will be asked to agree that you have read and understood these rules and regulations and that you will abide by them:

  • UCLA Bruin Card identification must be worn visibly at all times. If you do not have a badge holder, you can get one from where the sign-in form is in the data center.
  • Access is only granted to you as an individual.
  • Access must not be used to allow any unauthorized person into the data center.
  • Individuals may only touch or access equipment and/or supplies belonging to their department.
  • You may sponsor visitors. You will be responsible for their actions. You must also escort these visitors and closely monitor their activities while in the Data Center.
  • Faculty and Research personnel may escort a group of people into the MSA Data Center as long as everyone signs in and stays within a group. Faculty and researchers are responsible for their group during the entire visit.
  • Students who are given Access may NOT escort anyone into the Data Center.
  • ALL visitors must sign in when entering and sign out when leaving the MSA Data Center. Violating these rules may result in the revocation of access privileges.
  • Video surveillance is used throughout the Data Center. Images are recorded only for security purposes. Access to video is limited to IT Services operations staff and appropriately authorized individuals when investigating theft or damage.

Here is the data center access request form.

If you have any questions regarding this process or the rules that apply to you being granted access to the MSA Data Center, please contact Brian Pape, , Research Technology Group.