UCLA Mobile

UCLA Mobile App features campus apps, the UCLA App Catalog and key campus data

UCLA Mobile App

The UCLA mobile App is a portal of UCLA's approved mobile apps.  They include apps created by the campus as well as those that we have campus agreements for.

Download the free UCLA Mobile app Available for iPhone and Android

The UCLA Mobile App has 6 Dashboards:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Prospective Students
  • Friends of UCLA

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The UCLA mobile app is a mobile portal that blends native app functions why also featuring UCLA’s dynamic app landscape collected into a single dashboard for the ease of UCLA’s broad and diverse community.  This allows the UCLA community to present a collection of  UCLA’s important apps while also allowing individuals to personalize their own dashboard with additional UCLA apps that they want  to include in their UCLA mobile app environment.  The app features app to app launches so that users have quick access into all of the UCLA's native apps, listed in the UCLA app catalog  


UCLA Mobile is governed by the UCLA Mobile Steering Committee.  The committee meets quarterly and has both faculty and student representatives. 


UCLA Mobile is available in three formats: iOS, Android and a mobile web friendly version.  UCLA Mobile users can personalize their app dashboards by searching for and adding apps from the UCLA app catalog  to their own local UCLA Mobile dashboard.  UCLA Mobile offers up a suite of ever evolving UCLA mobile friendly web applications and native apps that are developed or managed by many units from all over the UCLA community.  Mobile apps and mobile web friendly sites include News, Happenings, Directory, Campus Map, Campus Tour, Bruin Bus, CCLE, Recreation, Research and many more. UCLA Mobile’s architecture has been re-built and launched using REACT Native and REACT JS.  

If you have questions about UCLA Mobile, please send us a message at mobilizelabs@oit.ucla.edu.