Mobile Web Framework

The Mobile Web Framework facilitates the development of a robust, feature-rich, cross-platform mobile web presence. Focusing on mobile web standards, semantic markup and device agnosticism, the framework enables developers to create mobile-optimized web applications with relative ease of use.

Managing the Mobile Landscape

The rapidly changing mobile device landscape presents a great challenge for mobile developers who have to address device-by-device differences in a one-off manner.  This has added enormous overhead to the development of mobile applications in terms of scope, resources, and budget, both upfront in development and implementation and later in maintenance and upgrade cycles.  The Mobile Web Framework allows developers to avoid detailed device-by-device planning, implementation, upgrades and maintenance and all their associated costs, and instead makes real the promise of "develop once, use everywhere" by providing a simple abstraction layer whereby the framework itself makes device-by-device determinations freeing the developer to do what they want to do: develop rich applications for their users.


The Mobile Web Framework focuses on several key principles which have been critical success factors:

  • Device Agnostic - Works on any web-capable device and handles the increasing variation of handheld devices on the market.
  • Graceful Degradation - Provides the richest functionality possible to each device.
  • Federated Architecture - Can be run centrally but leveraged by apps running anywhere.
  • Unified Mobile Presence - Presents one outward look and feel even when mobile apps are spread across many servers.
  • Language & Environment Independent - Compatible with any language system and environment.
  • Modern Web Standards - Complies with modern web standards.

Project and Support

The Mobile Web Framework is an open-source project available on GitHub. OIT's MWSER maintains the project with the support of collaborators from the UC system and the higher ed community. The framework documentation provides a good place for getting started with MWF, ad OIT's MWSER also provides consulting and support services for mobile web developers.