Data & Cloud Architecture

Monitor, laptop, tablet, and smartphone showing mobile teaching & research tools

Cloud Architecture

To guarantee availability and responsiveness to our clients and to also maximise our eleasticity, MWS leverages infrastructure as a services through AWS. AWS allows us to scale up and down as requirements dictate and also allows us the freedom to develop and test new service offerings quickly and easily. While we work primarily in AWS, we can also design, configure, and deliver custom cloud environments and solutions from Google and Micorsoft as well. Our AWS certified team is available to meet with you to discuss your requirements and get you an estimate for the design and implementation of your cloud environment.  


Because web development, deployment, and hosting have become more tightly coupled as a security measure, MWS has adopted a DevSecOps practice. DevSecOps is the process of integrating secure coding best practices into the development of an application and also into the deployment, and hosting process. Every web application that we build, is architected for security and reliability at the application layer, the deployment layer and the hosting layer. We also provide this service to our campus partners in the form of a roadmap and training. We believe that all teams that build web aaplications should have complete visibility into all layers of the application stack as an efficiency and security measure and we are here to help you do that.    

Real Time Data Feeds

As part of our mobile research ennablement pratice, we speacialize in the integration of real time data feeds to and from our custom mobile and web applications. Using Apache Kafka, we can create high throughput data feeds to allow you to capture research data on mobile devices and web applications and transfer that data back to your datastore in a reliable, secure, and high speed manner.