COVID Clearance Certificate

UCLA COVID Clearance Certificate

UCLA Campus COVID Clearance Certificate, available in the UCLA Mobile App

The mobile version of the UCLA Campus COVID Clearance certificate is available in UCLA Mobile app.  You can install the UCLA Mobile app from either the iOS or Google Play stores.  For Instructions on how to install this app on an iOS or Android device please go to this link.

Single-click to show your daily certificate

Each day, once the Daily Symptom Monitoring survey has been completed, the certificate becomes available via a 'single click' in the UCLA Mobile App.  It will remain available until 4am the following day.  At which time the daily symptom monitoring survey must be completed again to obtain a clearance certificate for the coming day.

UCLA Mobile Campus COVID Clearance Certificate

Daily Symptom Monitoring

Daily symptom monitoring is required for all students, faculty, staff and others (including guest lecturers and laboratory volunteers) who are living, learning or working on campus or at other UCLA properties, regardless of their vaccination status. The survey must be completed before coming to campus or arriving at class.

Why do I need it?

This digital certificate will allow you to enter any campus location covered by UCLA’s Protocol for Restaurants and Other Public Venues. See protocol details and campus locations. The Events and Venues clearance certificate is currently only available through the UCLA Mobile app.