IDRE - A Cooperative of Faculty

IDRE logo with three different images of the servers in the data center

The Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE) is a faculty-led organization co-sponsored by UCLA’s Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR). Its mission is to provide leadership on innovative research and education, and the use and development of advanced cyberinfrastructure methods, tools, and services. 


IDRE’s goals are to:

  • Advance the pursuit of academic excellence and innovation by developing and utilizing emerging approaches at the frontier of digitally enabled research.

  • Cultivate and coalesce interdisciplinary interactions in digitally enabled research across the entire campus.

  • Facilitate interactions among researchers, students, and technologists.

  • Advocate for advanced training for post-doctoral scholars and graduate students in a cross-disciplinary environment.

  • Advocate to the campus administration for the necessary support, physical infrastructure, technologist expertise, and related services needed for innovative digitally enabled research.


The 2019 IDRE Strategic Report also identified three specific recommendations for the campus to implement and for IDRE to lead in response to the UCLA faculty and researcher community:

  1. Coalesce and focus campus efforts into three bold initiatives:

    1. Harnessing deep learning and next generation artificial intelligence,

    2. Harnessing the data and digitized information deluge, and

    3. Harnessing exascale, quantum, and cloud computing.

  2. Spark research innovation by fostering interdisciplinary engagements and increasing IDRE’s visibility.

  3. Empower faculty through the advancement of campus capabilities and expertise for digitally enabled research, scholarship, and education. 


The IDRE board includes representatives from across the UCLA campus, and advises the Vice Chancellor for Research and Vice Provost-Advanced Research Computing on all matters related to digitally enabled research and cyberinfrastructure.


Visit the IDRE website to learn more about the institute and its services.

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