HPC Storage

Several types of high-performance storage are available to users of the Hoffman2 cluster.

  • Free 40GB flash-based home directory for all cluster users.

  • Free, time-limited 2TB flash-based scratch space for use by running jobs.

  • Project storage with backup is available for purchase in 1TB increments.

Details about data storage, quotas, and temporary storage access can be found online. The posted storage rate includes backups, the physical storage space, supporting infrastructure, administration, and hardware and software upgrades.

Purchasing Project Storage

Shared storage on the Hoffman2 cluster is available for purchase, subject to OARC’s terms and conditions. Each PI that purchases storage will be required to sign an agreement governing the use of the storage. Current rates for HPC storage as set by UCLA’s Business & Finance Solutions are posted on the Hoffman2 website. To purchase storage, please place an order in the OARC store

In compliance with university policy and standard billing procedures, recharges for Hoffman2 storage allocations will be processed at the beginning of each month for storage provided in the previous month. PIs must provide a valid FAU for this recharge. If federal funds are being used to purchase project storage, these charges will incur facilities and administrative (F&A) costs (56% as of July 1, 2018) as storage is considered a service, not equipment. Federal funds may not be used for storage allocation charges outside of the grant’s period of performance. 

Purchased storage will be made available to PIs and their research groups until the allocation is actively changed. To increase, decrease, or cancel an allocation, please submit a ticket to the Hoffman2 team through the OARC ticketing system.

Although every effort possible has been made to ensure reliability and fault-tolerance of the Hoffman2 storage systems, there is no guarantee that data will not be lost. For security and performance reasons, we will neither mount any external file system on to Hoffman2 nor export Hoffman2’s file system to the outside world.