High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

OARC consultants in High Performance Computing (HPC) are experienced researchers whose expertise empowers scholars to perform research on high-end computer systems.

Advanced research has moved beyond the capacity of a single computer to perform detailed multi-level simulations, data analysis, and large-scale computations. Due to growing complexity and requirements for sheer computational horsepower, these needs are increasingly met with tightly integrated cluster systems consisting of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of processors, terabytes to petabytes of high-performance storage, and high bandwidth/low latency interconnects consuming megawatts of power. In addition to the need for powerful hardware, the software that runs on these systems must be written to take advantage of the computational power available on a particular system. 

Two research technology groups (RTGs) within OARC support High Performance Computing. The HPC Systems RTG can consult on use of the Hoffman2 cluster, including optimizing code, running jobs, and working with large datasets. The Computational Science RTG can consult on topics including code design and optimization, parallel computing, and research methods on high-performance computing platforms. 

Together, their specializations include: 

  • Multiprocessor/multicore programming

  • General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU)

  • Efficient algorithms for scientific computing

  • Code optimization for using the HPC resources

  • Shared high-performance computing facility

  • Scientific visualization with large datasets

  • Cloud computing

The HPC Systems RTG also supports the Hoffman2 shared cluster and manages the IDRE Cluster Hosting Program for UCLA researchers. These resources meet campus needs for small- to medium-sized cluster computing and may provide a starting point to resources at national computing centers.

Reach both RTGs through their shared ticketing system.