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IDRE staff currently provide the following services related to GIS, visualization and modeling:

  • General consulting and mentoring for faculty research projects that involve GIS, real-time modeling, project management, and technology scoping
  • UCLA Mapshare oversight
  • Campus GIS coordination
  • GIS training and troubleshooting
  • GIS licensing through Software Central
  • Research project workstations and facilities through the Technology Sandbox
  • Campus partnership development, specifically for north campus Cyberinfrastructure research services


GIS at IDRE offers leadership and services to the UCLA campus community covering a variety of geospatial technologies, including:

  • Trainings and workshops (upon request)
  • Project consulting around strategies on using geospatial technologies (by appointment)
  • Computer lab space, fully equipped with high-end computers running GIS software for approved research projects
  • A campus data repository for downloading geospatial data (access restricted to campus or VPN users)
  • Mapshare. Mapshare provides the campus community with a way to download GIS data for use with GIS software. We are currently developing a new geo-spatial data repository that uses OpenGeoportal, an open-source, academic portal for spatial data. While this new portal is in development, the old portal is still available to use.
  • Email support. IDRE has a small group to triage more routine problems and to help find the support you need. This group can be reached by submitting questions by email to
  • Multidisciplinary support. We strive to support and address research questions across a host of disciplines. Some examples of project areas that have had IDRE involvement include:
  • Online GIS Training. If you have purchased your Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) license through UCLA’s Software Central, ESRI’s online courses are available to you. To access these online courses and events, please contact To learn more about the UCLA-ESRI site license, visit this page.
    • Recommended ArcGIS desktop training course for those who are new to desktop GIS
    • Full list of online courses avaialble to UCLA students, faculty and staff (free with access code)

UCLA Classes Related to GIS

GIS Information:

Visualization and Modeling

Visualization and Modeling Information:
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