Custom Websites

screenshots of drupal-based responsive websites

Custom Research Web and Data Platform OARC RTG

The OARC Research and Web Data Platforms Team designs and builds custom Web and Data intrefaces for research, with Drupal and Wordpress CMS implementations. We understand all aspects of the development process and our engagement model is a framework that focuses on understanding your business requirements so that we can deliver great experiences to your users. The Web Team design philosophy is deeply rooted in mobile-first and accessible design principles ensuring that everyone who wants to access your content can. Our multidisciplinary team thrives on a cycle of invention and reinvention and combined with forward design thinking and lean workflow methods, we produce everything from simple elegant websites to complex enterprise-level projects, scaled to fit your needs.

Examples of Custom Websites built for Research include:

MWS Web developers are available to work with researchers to create custom applications that support research. Often these projects encompass mapping interfaces. For some projects, we have worked closely with the UCLA Digital Library, where the Library stores/serves the data with long-term preservation in mind and OARC develops the user interface.

Some examples:

Aegaron (Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online)
A repository of vetted and standardized architectural drawings of a selection of ancient Egyptian buildings.
UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology
A collection of articles on Egyptology enhanced with images, annotations, glossaries, geodata and temporal data.
A database for recording finds on an archeological field excavation project.

Web Strategy & Visual Identity Services

The OARC Web Team will work with you to define your web strategy, implement engaging user experience design, and craft your visual identity. Our designers will help you represent your brand with compelling words and images, designing a color treatment strategy that is both elegant and accessible. Whether you are on brand with UCLA or have your own unique brand, we can enhance your visual message and make your story pop.

Managed Service

The OARC Web Team offers a flat rate Drupal support package. We will perform all patching and maintenance on your site and provide miscellaneous development hours that you can allocate to small development tasks or bug fixes. We will also store your code base in a private UCLA GitHub repository.

To learn more, please contact Andrew Browning at